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Sustainability Program


Energy Efficiency

At Villas Colibrí energy efficiency is a priority.  All our standard incandescent lightbulbs have been replaced by LED lights improving efficiency by 80%.  Our air conditioner units as well have been replaced by Smart inverter energy efficient technology.

Recycling Program

Guests are encouraged to separate and place their Plastic, Glass, Aluminum and Paper products in our recycling bins.  We coordinate with a local materials recovery service to reduce the amount of waste produced at the Hotel. 


Reduce  •  Reuse  •  Recycle


Solar Power

We are proud to be a 90% solar powered lodging facility in-line with our sustainability objectives.  Your preference contributes to Green Tourism initiatives.


Water Conservation

Water conservation is important in our facilities.  We have installed water efficient shower and faucet heads and ask guests to help us reduce the laundry rotation by reusing towels as often as possible.


Paperless Processes

Hotel Villas Colibri is implementing paperless guest communication, reservation, payment and registration processes in an ever-increasing percentage in line with our sustainability goals, your collaboration and feedback is important!

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